Research shows that 10% of the population has hyperopia, also known as farsightedness. The prevalence of this eye condition increases as people get older. Farsightedness is hereditary, but you can still have the condition if your eyeball is shorter than normal. With this condition, you will have difficulty focusing on up-close things but can clearly see distant objects. Our experienced optometrists at Macias Eye Medical Centers in San Bernardino and Riverside can diagnose and correct this vision problem.


The Signs of Farsightedness

If you are farsighted, you may hardly notice any problems with your vision. However, if you strain your eye muscles to get better vision, you will likely develop these symptoms:

  • • Headaches after reading or performing tasks that require you to focus up-close
  • • Burning or aching sensations around your eyes
  • • Blurry vision when looking at things up-close

How We Diagnose Farsightedness

A basic eye examination performed by an optometrist can detect farsightedness. First, our optometrist will use an eye chart to evaluate your vision at different distances. We will also use a phoropter, which is an instrument used in measuring your eye's refractive errors to determine the strength of corrective lenses that you will need. Annual eye exams allow us to detect farsightedness along with a wide variety of eye health conditions that can be treated early if they are detected.

Treatment Options For Farsightedness

Contact lenses or eyeglasses are the simplest treatment methods for correcting this condition. The other alternative is corrective surgery which improves your vision by adjusting your eye's shape. There are a few options that eye surgeons may consider, including:

  • • PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy): During this surgery, the doctor will remove your eyes epithelium and then change the shape of your cornea using a laser. They will not replace your epithelium, but they will grow back and take the shape of your cornea.
  • • LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis): This surgery involves the eye doctor cutting a round flap in your cornea. Using an excimer laser, they will remove a few layers from your cornea, adjusting its shape and improving your vision.

Get Help for Your Hyperopia at Macias Eye Medical Centers

If you have experienced the signs of hyperopia and live in San Bernardino, Riverside, Fontana, or the surrounding areas, call our optometrists at Macias Eye Medical Centers today at (909) 885-3933 to schedule an appointment.

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