Enhance Your Vision with Bifocals

Forget what you’ve heard about bifocal lenses in the past. Today’s eyeglasses offer better clarity, and many don’t have visible lines. If you are tired of switching between reading and distance glasses, come see our optometrists or ophthalmologist at Macias Eye Medical Centers in Fontana and Riverside to discover the newest in bifocal glasses technology.


What Are Bifocals?

Bifocal lenses give you a more natural ability to see both near and far without changing your glasses. Sometimes, you may see these glasses referred to as progressive lenses or multifocal to distinguish them from single-focal ones. Typically, the top portion of the glasses corrects blurry distance vision while the bottom sharpens your up-close vision.

Since these glasses work with how your eyes naturally move to read or to look into the distance, they fit well into your life. You only need one pair of glasses to correct two types of vision issues.

Who Needs Them?

Bifocal glasses are not just for old people. Even children may need these glasses to correct vision problems. Our optometrists or ophthalmologist may prescribe bifocals for any of the following conditions:

Accommodative Esotropia: This condition causes crossed eyes in children. Bifocal glasses may correct this condition.

Accommodative Dysfunction: Some kids have difficulty switching between near and far focusing powers. Different lenses in glasses can help these children to see better.

Presbyopia: Surprisingly, only one of these categories includes older people, despite the stereotype. Presbyopia is an age-related condition that develops around the age of 40. It causes the eye muscles to weaken, reducing reading vision. Multifocal lenses often correct this problem.

What Bifocal Types Are There?

The most popular type of bifocals today is progressive lenses. Also known as no-line bifocal glasses, the transition zone between the distance and reading areas blends.

Other types of glasses have a distinct line between the vision areas. The lens for reading in these eyeglasses may have a round shape or resemble a sideways capital letter D.

Talk to your eye doctor about the best option for your vision needs.

See How Bifocals Can Make A Difference in Your Vision

If you currently wear reading and distance glasses, or want to update your existing bifocals, make an appointment with an optometrist or ophthalmologist at one of our clinics. We have locations in Fontana and Riverside to care for your vision needs. Call Macias Eye Medical Centers at 909- 885-3933. Let us help you to get glasses that will give you better vision both near and far.

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