Cloudy vision is a problem that will not go away. In fact, it could get worse. You need the help of an optometrist to monitor your condition and help you with vision correction. If you need eye surgery, you will require the services of an ophthalmologist. If you need optometry/ophthalmology services, visit Macias Eye Medical Centers in Riverside, CA, and Fontana, CA. These vision centers have both optometrists and ophthalmologists on staff for treating cataracts and other eye conditions.


About Cataracts

Cataracts happen to many people as they age. The National Eye Institute estimates that greater than half of Americans have had cataracts by age 80. Though common, cataracts are not something to take lightly. Without treatment, you may have such severe blurring of your vision that daily tasks become difficult.

When you develop cataracts in one or both eyes, you will notice cloudiness in your vision. This clouding occurs because proteins in your eyes start to clump together starting around age 40. When your lenses become cloudy, you may see dull hues or yellow instead of the normal vibrancy of colors. Blurriness, distortion, and sensitivity to light are other signs of cataracts. The clouding tends to worsen over time, eventually requiring surgery to correct.


The symptoms of cataracts can happen subtly. In the early stages, you may not notice the problem or learn to ignore the initial minor changes in vision. During a regular comprehensive eye exam, the optometrist will be able to see if you have cataracts. Since the lens clouding can impact your vision, you should schedule regular appointments with an eye doctor to ensure that you have the correct prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. The prescription strength may increase over time.

Cataracts Treatment

Treatment for cataracts includes taking steps to slow their development. Exposing your eyes to ultraviolet light from the sun without protection can worsen cataracts. Wearing sunglasses that filter out this dangerous light and eating a healthy diet for good eye health can slow the progression of cataracts.

Many people will find that they eventually cannot wear eyeglasses to correct the vision problems brought on by cataracts. When this happens, an ophthalmologist will perform eye surgery to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial one. This surgery restores the eyesight lost from cataracts in nine out of ten people.

For Cataract Treatment, Call Us at Macias Eye Medical Centers

If you have the symptoms of cataracts, you need to find an optometrist to diagnose the condition. For later surgery, you will require the medical knowledge of an ophthalmologist to perform eye surgery. Set up an appointment with either the Riverside, CA, or the Fontana, CA, location of Macias Eye Medical Centers to have the convenience of both and an optometrist and ophthalmologist on staff. Let us be your choice for an eye care center.

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