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Take Control of Your Eye Allergies

For those without perfect vision, maintaining clear vision is a lifelong undertaking. When it comes to taking care of your vision and long-term eye health, regular eye exams are essential. At Macias Eye Medical Centers in Riverside, CA, and Fontana, CA, our team of eye professionals and optometrists can provide you with the information and personal eye care you need.


Our team is passionate about your eye health. This includes helping you get relief from annoying eye allergies. Itchy, dry, watery eyes are uncomfortable and are usually caused by allergies. Pollen, dust, mold, pet dander, and even indoor fragrance products can cause eye irritation leading to swelling and long-term eye issues. 

What Is an Allergic Reaction?

A substance that causes an allergic reaction is called an allergen. Allergens are harmless to most people, but for those with sensitivities and allergies, allergens are very uncomfortable and stressful. An allergic reaction happens when your immune reacts to a substance outside the body like pollen, pet dander, chemicals, or food. This allergic reaction causes the body to create antibodies to fight and destroy the substances. Common allergic symptoms include runny nose, sneezing, coughing, chest tightness, and itchy, red, burning eyes. Allergy symptoms vary from mild to severe.

Tips for Relieving Eye Allergies

It's important to know what is causing your symptoms so you can try at-home remedies or consult the eye professionals at Macias Eye Medical Centers. We recommend recording the dates and times that you are experiencing eye discomfort to pinpoint the causes of your eye allergies.

During allergy season, keep the windows and doors closed so pollen cannot enter your home. You should also reduce the amount of strongly scented cleaners, candles, and perfumes you use. If you have pets, shampoo and brush them regularly. Wash your hands after touching them, and vacuum and dust furniture regularly. We also suggest adding an air filter to your home to remove particles from the air. For mild symptoms, home remedies like cold compresses, artificial tears, allergy eye drops, and oral antihistamines might do the trick.

How Do I Find an Eye Doctor Near Me?

If you are constantly suffering from moderate to severe eye allergies, come in for an eye exam today. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, we can give you prescription-strength antihistamines and eye drops. These stronger medications block allergens, alleviate itching and provide long-lasting relief. Contact an optometrist at Macias Eye Medical Centers in Riverside CA and Fontana, CA, or request an appointment online today. Our focus is on you!


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